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INDEX - Vol. LIII - N. 3-4 (1995)
G. PEDERZOLI, Some properties of KampŽ de FŽriet's function of matrix arguments and applications
A.D. TSAKOK, A generalization of the Borel-Cantelli-Lemma
B. LISEO, A note on the posterior mean robustness for location parameters
P.L. CONTI, A note on the estimation of a proportion in sampling finite populations
A. PALLINI, Local asymptotic optimality of the Fisher combined test
A.M. ANDRéS - I.H. TEJEDOR, Runs test and Fisher's exact test
M.C. COSTANZA - H.I. HAMDY - L.D. HAUGH - M.S. SON, Type II error performance of triple sampling fixed precision confidence intervals for the normal mean
M. K. ROY - S.K. SINHA, Negative binominal mixture of normal moment distributions
P.N. JANI - A.K. SINGH, Minimum variance unbiased estimation in multi parameter exponential family of distributions
M.C. AGRAWAL - K.B. PANDA, On efficient estimation in poststratification
G.N. SINGH - L.N. UPADHYAYA, A class of modified chain-type estimators using two auxiliary variables in two phase sampling
R.K. SINGH - S. BANO - S.K. PANDEY - R. SAKSENA, A generalized class of mixed estimators in linear regression model
P. MUKHOPADHYAY - K. VIJAYAN, Estimating functions in response dependent sampling from finite populations
A. RIZZI, Indices of agreement relative to categorical variables
A. IACOBINI, Regrouping estimates in the use of control charts
B. CHELI, Totally fuzzy and relative measures of poverty in dynamic context