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INDEX - Vol. LIX - N. 1-2 (2001)
M. ZENGA, A multiplicative decomposition of Herfindahl concentration measure
L. FATTORINI - L. GRECO - S. NADDEO, The use of chi-square and Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics in permutation-based pairwise comparisons
L. BARABESI, Local parametric density estimation methods in line transect sampling
G. CALZOLARI - F. DI IORIO - G. FIORENTINI, Indirect inference and variance reduction using control variates
N.N. LEONENKO - E. TAUFER, Asymptotic properties of LSE in multivariate continuous regression with long memory stationary errors
F. LAGONA, Parametric restrictions in random fields for binary space-time data series
E. BRENTARl - M. CARPITA - L. DANCELLI, An improvement in the Welch approximate t test
R. BARAGONA - F. BATTAGLIA - C. CALZINI, Clustering of time series with genetic algorithms
F. BATTAGLIA, Genetic algorithms pseado-random numbers generators, and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
L. IPPOLITI, On-line spatio-temporal prediction by a state space representation of the generalised space time autoregressive model
I. MORLINI - S. ORLANDINI, Multivariate analysis of radar images for environmental monitoring
G. VICARIO - D. ROMANO, Factorial experiments for sequential process
A. ROVERATO, Prior distributions for Gaussiun gruphical models: a comparison between the directed and undirected case
C. PERNA - F. GIORDANO, The hidden layer size in feed-forward neural networks: a statistical point of view