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INDEX - Vol. LVII - N. 1-2 (1999)
B.V. FROSINI, The conjoint use of probability and likelihood for descriptive inference
G.E. MONTANARI, A study on the conditional properties of finite population mean estimators
G. DIANA - C. TOMMASI, Confidence intervals for population variance with known mean
V.L. MANDOWARA - P.C. GUPTA, Contribution to optimum points of stratification for multi stages designs
E.-E. A.A. ALY - M.O. HERVAS, Nonparametric inference for Zenga's measure of income inequality
B. CHELI - G. BETTI, Fuzzy analysis of poverty dynamics on an italian pseudo panel 1985-1994
J.W. WU - L.Y. OUYANG, An identity for the expectations of joint functions of nonodjacent order statistics
U. BALASOORIYA - S.L.C. SAW, A note on approximate moments of progressively censored order statistics
A. POLLASTRI, Analysis of the kurtosis in a skew distribution
S. SINGH - D.S. TRACY, Ridge regression using scrambled responses
N. MUKHOPADHYAY - A.D. ABID, Accelerated sequential shrinkage estimation
A.K. GUPTA - D.G. KABE, On multivariate Liouville distribution
M. BILANCIA - A. POLLICE, Bayesian estimation off finite mixtures of gaussian mixtures