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INDEX - Vol. LVIII - N. 3-4 (2000)
M. AKAHIRA - Y. NISHIHIRA, Prediction sufficiency and sequential experimentation
P. MULIERE - S. WALKER, Neutral to the right processes from a predictive perspective: a review and new developments
F. CARLUCCI - G. ZORNITTA, A priori information and Bayesian forecasting in transfer function models
F. KARLBERG, Population total prediction under a lognormal superpopulation model
J.F. ANGERS, P-credence and outliers
A. POLLICE - M. BILANCIA, A hierarchical finite mixture model for Bayesian classification in the presence of auxiliary information
P.L. NOVI INVERARDI, Periodic logistic regression: an extension to the case of unknown period
F. DALLA VALLE - F. PESARIN - L. SALMASO, A comparative study on permutation tests for effects in two-level factorial designs
L.N. SAHOO - P. PANDA, On the estimation of a ratio of two unknown population means in two-stage sampling
M.N. PATEL - A.V. GAJJAR, Estimation from intervened power series distribution
G. LETI, The birth of statistics and the origins of the new natural science