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INDEX - Vol. XXXV - N. 1-2 (1977)
A. HERZEL - G. LETI, Italian contributions to statistical inference
O.D. ANDERSON, Some convex autocorrelation regions for stationary time processes
S. BERTINO, Sulla dissomiglianza tra mutabili cicliche
J.C. TURNER - C.P. TSOKOS, Pattern recognition using nonparametric density estimation
D.B. CANIPBELL - R.N. CARR, A sequence of 3n factorial experiments
L.V. BELLAVISTA, Sui multigrafi probabilistici
P.N. RATHIE - H. KAUFMAN, On the distribution of products and quotients of independent random variables
C.A. OPRIAN, A note on the mean of the Nth order statistic of a sample from the exponential distribution
M.N. GORIA, A limit theorem and its application
G.S. LINGAPPAIAH, Bayesian approach to prediction in complete and censored samples from the weibull population
PRAJNESHU - K. SEN, Joint distribution of crossing and their runs
A. GUPTA - K. SEN, A two dimensional random walk in the presence of a multiple-function barrier