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INDEX - Vol. XXXVII - N. 1-2 (1979)
G. LETI, The distances in descriptive statistic
W.Y. TAN - S.P. WONG, On the probabilities of obtaining negative estimates of variance components
O.D. ANDERSON, A structural link between the autocorrelations for finite-lengthed time series realisations and the theory of bending beams
P.M. JANI - S.M. SHAH, Integral expressions for the tail probabilities of the modified power series distributions
E. ORSINGHER, Level crossing of transformation of stationary gaussian process
PRAJNESHU- K. SEN, Positive returns and upcrossings in a random walk
A. GUPTA - K. SEN, A restricted random walk model
J. SARAN - K. SEN, Distributions of rank order statistics related to a generalized random walk
D.M. CIFARELLI - A. MERLINI, La stima non parametrica bayesiana della vita media residua
M.S. SRIVASTAVA - R.P. BHARGAVA, On fixed-width confidence region for the mean
T. SRIVENKATARAMANA - D.S. TRACY, Transforming the study variate after PPS sampling
I. VERDINELLI, Esame critico della limitazione di Edwards, Lindman e Savage
M. SINGH, The Analysis of duals of some incomplete block designs
News Item, Universitàˆ degli studi di Roma, Facoltˆ di Scienze Statistiche, Demografiche ed Attuariali, Istituto di Statistica e Ricerca Sociale "C. Gini": Meeting on the Analysis of multidimensional contingency tables